donderdag 17 augustus 2017

My very first Etegami

I never had heard of the word 'etegami' until I got involved in an etegami swap recently.

Etegami, or 'picture letter' or 'painted letter', origins from Japan and consists of a simple hand-painted drawing accompanied by apt words, mostly done in postcard size for a quick and easy mailing.

Etegami can be about daily objects. So I chose to draw/paint one of my favourite obkects: my morning coffee (with milk, no sugar).
Here you can see a picture of this very first etegami, next to the original object.

On the back side this etegami artistamp appeared.

And the stamp which I added to the envelope, invited me to make a longer green road:

maandag 7 augustus 2017

The earth and the mail art network were born on the back of a turtle

I think it a good idea to consider the title to be true.

Front side of an envelope, created to send to Ryosuke Cohen for his Brain Cell project.

Back side of the envelope, which is the address side:

And the inside:

Wishing the turtles a safe journey.

donderdag 3 augustus 2017

About Chess, Stork and Orion soup

Two people to whom I can send black-and-white mail art are Ryosuke Cohen, for he is turning it into a colourful Brain Cell form, and Alex Witter, who has a mail art project on the theme 'Black and White'.

As I love chess, and horses, I chose to draw them these two chess sceneries.

For Alex, I added a stork on the back side, because the stork ('ooievaar' in Dutch) is the symbol of his city.

To the envelope for Ryosuke, suddenly Orion Soup appeared.

Wishing both pieces a safe and speedy travel!

P.S. There is a third person for whom we should create black-and-white mail art: also Ti Ar Raden has a mail art project on the theme.

P.S. 2. Real chess lovers will have spotted the error in the compilation made on top: nine squares in a row instead of eight! :-)

woensdag 2 augustus 2017

Mail art for the greatest Piggy Mail Art collector in the world

Yes, I think Nicole the most wonderful collector of Pig mail art I have ever seen. So it isn't hard to find out what kind of mail art I should create to send her: Pigs, of course!
The one below is a pointillistic one. If I ever will have more free time, I'd like to draw and paint pigs in more styles from art history (impressionist, classic, cave murals, expressionist, etcetera). Alas time is limited, so I hope to be able to do so step by step in the coming months, years...

Nicole also creates wonderful collages, of any subject. For me she created many beautiful weird animals. You can see them here; more mail art by NIcole you can find on her site.

woensdag 5 juli 2017

FeMailed Artist and Scientist

Recently I was invited to join the 'Femail-XX' mail art project about female art and science.

I chose to draw this illustration, in honour of Maria Sibylla Merian (Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 1647 - Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1717). As an artist and scientist, Merian has played an important, be it not so well-known, role in natural history and biology.
Did you know that there were times that people thought butterflies arose spontaneously from mud and dirt? For us it is so obvious that butterflies originate from eggs. However, not until Merian's era people got little by little aware of the connection between butterflies, caterpillars and eggs. And Maria Sibylla Merian was one of the very first to research and draw these species and their metamorphosis. And the very first to add the hosting plants to her insect illustrations.
At older age (as old as I am now) she even traveled by boat to the tropics, a 2 months journey, to Suriname. There she researched more butterflies and other insects, and she has published beautiful, and scientifically seen correct, illustrations of the insects and all stages and surrounding vegetation.

This not so correct drawing is just a small honour to a woman who deserves a high place in natural and art history.

The mail art project's full name is Women Art Scientist Testament Exploration. I couldn't resist the urge to change 'waste' into the well-known female item 'waist'.

donderdag 29 juni 2017

The Kancil and the Bridge

'The Kantjil and the Bridge'. Maybe an old, maybe a newly invented story.

Made for Theo Nugraha and the Palangkaraya Batuntur mail art project, in honour of the 60th anniversary of Palangkaraya.

zondag 25 juni 2017

Mail Cardinal

This Cardinal Bird I drew and consequently I turned it into a Mail Cardinal Bird:

Sent to the USA (and arrived - thank you, FinnBadger, for your reply! I'll post your Chicken mail art in a few days at the RealWeirdAnimals blog!)