zondag 17 september 2017

Do we really see a Gecko?

Drawn in 2015, finally sent September 2017.

vrijdag 1 september 2017

Oranjevrouw - from the Dutch woman's soccer team

This member of the Dutch 'Orange' women's soccer team I drew as a reply to Jimmy Connors in Berlin, who has sent me several collages and recently wrote very kind words about our 'Orange' teams.

I guess the player won't recognize herself in my drawing (she's a very good, excellent player!), but at least I had a try. That's what counts, doesn't it?!

dinsdag 29 augustus 2017

Bananawalk and Bananarms

I hope it is not too late for my reply to an invitation Anna Banana has sent to me in Januray 2017 from Canada.

And I guess bananawalking will be too slow, and running won't help either, to have the mail arrive quicker. Enfin, we'll see...

Sent in this envelope to Canada.

dinsdag 22 augustus 2017

To be a Penguin or not to be a Penguin

"Penguin in snow and ice landscape."

I think it always fascinating to see that a drawing suggests a complete object, or in this case, a complete animal, while in fact not the complete object or animal is shown.

Sent to Ti Ar Raden, who has a black and white mail art project.

maandag 21 augustus 2017

Economics worth more than animal life...

Some of you might know that in the Netherlands and some other countries the fipronil scandal took place in the past months.
Millions of eggs, hard work for the hens, have been destroyed.
And worse, hundreds of thousands hens have been killed. Some farmers have chosen to have the hens moult to have remove the fipronil from their bodies.

The newspaper article shown above, saying the judge decides farmers are allowed to kill the - healthy - chicken, made me very angry. Because the headline mentions 'gifkippen', 'poisonchicken', a 'framing' word.. What can the poor chicken do about it? And the text says the chicken are 'economicaly worthless animals'... While each and every animal is worth being!

donderdag 17 augustus 2017

My very first Etegami

I never had heard of the word 'etegami' until I got involved in an etegami swap recently.

Etegami, or 'picture letter' or 'painted letter', origins from Japan and consists of a simple hand-painted drawing accompanied by apt words, mostly done in postcard size for a quick and easy mailing.

Etegami can be about daily objects. So I chose to draw/paint one of my favourite obkects: my morning coffee (with milk, no sugar).
Here you can see a picture of this very first etegami, next to the original object.

On the back side this etegami artistamp appeared.

And the stamp which I added to the envelope, invited me to make a longer green road: